b'50Shades of BlueBY DONNA S. VIEIRAIf green symbolizes spring,Look up. What do you see? Cerulean az- your eyes from the glare of dia-then blue captures the essenceureousthe colour of an uncloudedmond-studded ripples created by a gen-summer sky around noon. Watch as thetle breeze. Do you hear the rhythmic of summer. Representingcolour changes throughout the daysound of the waves lapping the shore? harmony, serenity, calm anduntil a deep velvety indigo blanket pro- Taste the sweet water. Accept its invita-vides the perfect backdrop for thetion and walk into the freshness it peace, its cool, relaxing. Andnightly celestial display.promises. Immerse yourself slowly and at Resorts of Ontario, shadeslet the blueness caress you as you float As above, so below. Father Sky is re- effortlessly, looking up at the vivid blue of blue are everywherefromflected in Mother Earths lakes, bayssky reflected around you. Take in the the lightest periwinkle blue toand waterways. Sit for a spell by the wa- grandness of it all. This is summer at ters edge on a hot summer day. Feel theher very best. Welcome to Resorts of the deepest midnight blue.calming presence. The coolness. ShadeOntarios world.LOVERS HIDEAWAYS More than ever, we need a little ro- gorgeous gardens, myriad activities and mance in our lives. And several Resortsdelectable menus ensure this is one of Ontario properties specialize in justromantic interlude you wont ever forget.that. Pick your dates and your resort of choice does the rest. Is rustic more your style? Head over to the Haliburton Highlands where the Heather Lodge and a beautiful newly renovated Lakeview Studio overlooking Twelve Mile Lake sets the mood. Theyll At the Couples Resort on placideven supply the Champagne and choc-Galeairy Lake in Algonquin, almostolates. What you do after is up to you.everything is included in your package. You could choose to do it all. Or you In the heart of Muskoka, the traditionalcan simply pour a glass of fine wine and Sherwood Inn overlooks Lake Joseph,relax on your private deck in deep pad-the colour of lapis lazuli. Begin each dayded chaise lounge with your favourite with Yoga on the dock. Canoe, kayak ornoveland lover.try paddle boarding. Hit the links at one of three ClubLink private golf coursesAnother world awaits you at The Briars nearby. End your day with an intimateResort & Spa near Lake Simcoe. Victo-moonlit dinner under a canopy of stars. rian-style elegance in a relaxed setting,'