Plan Your Snowmobile Trip Around Ontario Resorts

Plan Your Snowmobile Trip Around Ontario Resorts

by Mike Jacobs

We’ve all done it—every last snowmobiler on the planet has done a ride where they didn’t plan their accommodations in advance. It’s not something you do twice, because we’ve all learned what happens when you show up in a town and the inn is full. 


But maybe what’s worse is showing up somewhere at the end of a long and amazing ride, to find out that the accommodations don’t measure up. And accommodations are so important—this is where the stories get shared, the stomachs get filled, the old bears school the young pups—this is where the most social aspects of snowmobiling come to light.


And 40 years ago, sleeping in a place with nothing more than a double bed with clean sheets might have been enough. But we need to be real—if you’re 40 years older too, you need something more than a motel at the side of the trail (no disrespect to motels).


Sportsman snowmobilesWhen you inch past the half-way point of your life, things change—comfort starts to become a primary concern. And the dry air and aged bedspreads of the highway motel start to wear you down. 


That’s why it’s important to consider the alternative. Sure, we all have to hunt snow. With weather patterns these days, it’s difficult to get the timing right. But with a resort, you can be sure that no matter what the conditions are on the trail, the accommodations will be spectacular.


Elk Lake fireplace

And that matters—if you’d spent the day dodging water, mud or just choppy trails, or you have to divert due to a last-minute trail closure, where you end your day can make or break the trip. Most of us love the full thrill of snowmobiling: the speed, the fresh air, the views, and the challenge. But if your day got two, three, or even four hours longer than you’d planned, how you spend your evening hours makes a huge difference.


To put in perspective how a resort is massively different than any other accommodations—it’s all about the feel of a resort. It’s a place where the staff and amenities are all about putting you first. From the front door, to the lounges, to the restaurants, bars, and room, everything is about guest comfort and experience. This isn’t a place to just sleep. More often than not, it’s about having a memorable meal—one where you and your fellow travellers can spread out and enjoy yourselves, planning the next part of your trip, reliving old stories, or just catching up.


When it finally comes time to wrap up the evening, quiet, well-appointed rooms await with thoughtful touches and plenty of room for gear. And perhaps most importantly, when morning comes, staff will be ready with a hearty gourmet breakfast and plenty of hot, fresh coffee.Sportsman Inn


The difference is that while any old motel can direct you to the local greasy spoon, anyone over 40 knows that we probably shouldn’t be eating eggs cooked in butter. A fruit cup, poached eggs, and healthy cereals can make all the difference in how you feel throughout the day as well. 


Finally, it’s the staff at a resort that makes the experience so different. While most motels will have an attendant at the front desk, the resort will have staff ready to service almost any need you might have. Looking for the local sled shop? Lost something on the trail and want to leave a message for other riders who stay at the resort? The front desk is your one-stop-shop for anything you can think of—they’re there to serve.


All this to say that the resort is the perfect spot to stop for old bones—so much so that planning your whole trip around jumping from resort to resort can make the difference between your trip being exhausting, or rejuvenating. 


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