Play all Day and SAVE!

Play all Day and SAVE!

Calling all bargain shoppers! If you’re like me then finding a great deal is as exciting as a playoff game. These days, comparison shopping online with sites like Expedia, Travelocity and Trivago is common practice, but does that flashy $125 room mean you’re actually saving?  Not necessarily. While our packages tend to have higher price tags, what you’re not taking into consideration is that it has bundled not only your lodging elements, but attractions, spa, dining etc. By booking direct you’re getting the best rate on everything Blue Mountain has to offer.

Let’s face it – for a family of 4, buying individual tickets for each attraction isn’t the most cost-efficient way, and while you may have only paid $100 for your room off a third party site, the incremental costs of actually “doing stuff” during your stay can add up quickly. Enter the Play All Day!! Believe in magic you muggles because this wristband is that type of Hogwarts magic. Not only does it allow you access to all base camp attractions, you also get unlimited access to Mid Station and Summit Attractions – for only $64* (if you book direct on the Play All Day Package). To put that into perspective, if you wanted to do the Timber Challenge High Ropes that price alone is $69, you’re actually SAVING a minimum of $5 already. 

How does one play all day you ask? Step 1: Check into your hotel and pick up your wrist band. Step 2: Attach said wristband to wrist. Step 3: Go right to the attraction of your choice – no need to visit Guest Services (unless you’d like to book a Segway tour – but you can do that at the time of booking your Play All Day Package).

I decided if I was going to write about how great the Play all Day Package is – I must try it as I do not believe in false advertising. So I went to the front desk and picked up my wristband all in the name of science! (This isn’t actually science) 10 am rolled around and I was off, the resort was my oyster.

Mini golf
ridge runner
chutes and ladders

First I picked Cascade Putting Course, mainly because it was at the base of the hill – and I consider myself a Mini Putt connoisseur.  This par 67 course rivals Monterra Golf. Seriously this is not your windmill and kitschy themed mini putt. It was very challenging – hole 1-3, I slayed, birdied all 3 of them, but then my false sense of confidence backfired and continuous bogeys had me taking the time to read the greens, and slowly I was back to par. I finished with an impressive 60, 7 under par. Hey PGA – I am a free agent ready for my invitation.

Next up It was 11am, and I had decided on the fan favourite Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster.  I had cart lucky number 39. At any given time I am ready to do it for the gram and was quickly reminded to put my phone away, twice (my bad – sorry guys). My need for speed attitude meant one thing full speed, no brakes. I can honestly say this is the first time I didn’t panic and slow around the corners – I knew I was going fast because the Ridge Runners safety brakes automatically came on and made me “whoah” down. I have at least 15-20 rides under my belt, but still never gets old.

It was 11:15 and time for something a little more intense – ground school was calling my name. I got harnessed and started off with the Timber Challenge High Ropes. It took me a second to get the hang of the “tressling” (I think that is the term) of the safety carabiners. Essentially one is always locked so if you can’t actually fall off the course and hit the ground.  Don’t worry, they go over all of this with you before you head onto the course. Speaking of which, there are three to complete, Green, Blue and Black. They follow the same safety ratings as ski hills. I quickly navigated the green course and went to the Blue. My legs felt a little shakier than usual, but none the less I went forward. There was some very challenging obstacles and it took me a few tries to get across some of them – I realized I like having things to hold onto and not all the obstacles have easy to reach ropes. I was calling them my water wings. Well I got up to the black course and my legs were JELLO. I didn’t realize I didn’t like heights until I was up there. The view from the top platform across the bay was amazing – but I left my phone safely in my jacket. There are 10 new features in the course from the last time I did it (but I was only on green and blue last time).  I have done other high ropes courses in the past, but by far this had the best variety and was obstacle heavy which made me channel my inner ninja warrior – which was great!

Before I knew it, it was 2:45 – time flies when you’re having fun. I figured since I was already harnessed – I should try out the zipline as well. It required a different carabiner, so I went and grabbed one from one of the staff members and in no time was soaring through the air on the zipline. You zip from a platform in the trees, to a platform over the Apex Bagdrop to a platform over Ground school. Standing on the single step to nothingness woke the butterflies in my stomach – but it was SO FUN!

I waved goodbye to the goats and grabbed some food at the GCL – it was too nice to be inside so I used my handy little wristband and went up the gondola and ate at the top of the hill in a nice Muskoka chair overlooking the resort. By the time I rode the gondola and finished my lunch it was 4:00pm

Chutes and Lumber is the newest attraction at Blue, and I had yet to check it out. I walked over, got my two balls and let them drop. It reminded me a lot of one of my favourite games from my childhood, Mousetrap – as I dropped the first ball I knew this is something my nephew would have a blast with! Chasing the balls through the course, seeing where they pop out, all the different sounds it makes – when I bring him here the title of “Fun Aunt” will be forever guaranteed.

It was now 4:30, and there was one thing left on my must do – Plunge! Aquatic Centre. They have a new dunker feature and have been waiting to get splashed. I had a great time there. The dunker was great – it took about 2 minutes to refill and dunk you. The anticipation was half the fun. I also really enjoyed the indoor/outdoor pool and how they are connected. I didn’t take any photos from inside because my phone is life – and not waterproof – so you will just have to take my word for it. By the time I finished swimming, dunking, splashing and hot tubbing it was close to 6:30.

If I had paid for each of these attractions individually it would have been $160 for attractions alone, with the play all day wrist band at $64, that is a savings of $96. Say it with me “That’s good price”. So to whomever is reading this – book direct, and book the Play All Day to save the most for you and your family.