Relaxing at the Waterspa

Sir Sam’s Inn and Waterspa offers something for every couple. With a rich history of the Inn originally being the estate of Sir Samuel Hughes (who led Canada’s Military through the first world war,) there is literature and imagery throughout to provide more information. One thing you will notice in the decor is the respect for nature Sir Samuel Hughes had. The staff experience was incredibly. Upon my arrival I was given a tour of the facilities which of course included a brief overview of what to expect in the water spa. I knew I was in store for a relaxing experience. With 6 different stations, you get the full treatment and once you have completed your treatments your body will thank you for the recovery from stress and tensions brought on by the everyday. Dining at Sir Sam’s was a culinary delight. With carefully prepared food, the experience was one I won’t soon forget. Each course was presented with class and style resembling as much a work of art as it was a culinary masterpiece. Staff are careful to consider everything that would make your stay enjoyable and as carefree as possible. With daily boat tours you can get a sense of what life is like on Eagle Lake. Take a tour by bike, or mountain bike if you are the adventurous type looking for the off-road tour. In the winter, Sir Sam’s Ski hill is located across the road offering alpine trails and the Haliburton area is perfect for Nordic skiers. Snowmobile the countless trails that Haliburton offers. Sir Sam’s has something for everyone and you will return from your trip feeling rejuvenated.