Spooky Resort Halloween events

Resorts are in the business of having fun, making and event out of any occasion and this year Halloween is no exception. For some live entertainment starting at 9pm on Oct. 30th check out Jamie “Spooky” Williams playing at Bayview Wildwood Resort for an all ages show. You can find a tombstone to rest your head on and a plot to lay on for only $59 + taxes based on dbl occ. Donations are being collected at the door for the local food bank. Reservations are required so call ahead to 1-800-461-0243. For a more adult party consider Horseshoe Resort which is also getting set for their “Costume-rific Party.” This 19+ event being held in the Crazy Horse restaurant, will feature live entertainment, apple bobbing contest, dancing and best costume prizes. There will also be Molson girls handing out prizes and samples. Pillar and Post      Looking for a truly haunting experience, then you have to visit Pillar and Post in Niagara on the Lake. This old town with a rich history from the war of 1812 has haunted tours at Fort George located down the road. Pillar and Post also has a rich history of eye-witness accounts claiming to see a disappearing person. People have even seemed to walk through this “person” from time to time when rounding the wooden Pillars in the dining room. An excerpt from “Ghosts of Niagara-on-the-Lake” reads: “The Pillar and Post’s Vintages Wine Bar and Lounge is a paranormal hotspot. This cozy, fire-lit room is intimate and charming, the ideal place for a quiet glass of wine and a hushed conversation. Yet, despite the warmth of the hearth, some suggest there’s something cold about the room, an intangible chill that seems to be centered upon a painting of Lieutenant Colonel John Butler that hangs upon the wall. Folklore suggests this oddly unsettling painting was the Colonel’s favourite portrait of himself, and that his spirit followed it to the Pillar and Post and often sits in the chairs that sit beneath it. According to Restaurant Manager Bill Putman, several members of the serving staff are afraid of Butler’s painting. “They say they feel as if his eyes actually follow them as they walk through the room, and some servers have felt the hair on the back of their necks rise as if they could sense someone unpleasant watching them,” he explains. “It’s also said that temperatures sometimes change suddenly and drastically in the lounge, for absolutely no reason.” The door just to the side of this painting is said to open and close on its own accord, and people have inexplicably tripped in front of these chairs---as if stumbling over the invisible Colonel’s outstretched legs. In addition, cutlery and plates are said to mysteriously move from table to table, much to the frustration of staff. These stories are just some examples of how the Pillar and Post’s rich past is a spirited part of its charm.”  Andrew Hind and Maria Da Silva, authors of Ghosts of Niagara-on-the-Lake (Dundurn, 2008)

 With options of fun for the whole family, why not come up to our place and start a new Halloween tradition for you and your ghoulish family.