Two-Night Stays at Ontario’s Most Powersports-Friendly Resorts

Two-Night Stays at Ontario’s Most Powersports-Friendly Resorts

Fall is an incredible season to travel—the bugs are down, the families are in school, and the resorts are quiet. There’s no line up for activities, and the cool weather makes it comfortable to be outside all day long. The days are a bit shorter, but there’s the added bonus of curling up by the fire and getting snuggly in bed after some time outdoors. If you head out early enough you get the added bonus of seeing the fiery reds and golden yellows of the autumn leaves changing colour.

And that’s why we believe the best time of year to take a quick trip to a resort in Ontario is fall. Whether you’re a motorcycle rider, looking for the best backroads before settling down for a couple of nights, or someone who wants to experience the outdoor in a more direct way by taking an ATV trip, these resorts are all powersports-friendly and good for a Friday/Saturday stay during the fall season.

Lake Herridge Lodge & Resort

Lake Herridge

27-inch walleye caught and released at Lake Herridge Lodge & Resort

Right off the Temiskaming Loop, and located in one of Northern Ontario’s most revered natural playgrounds, is Lake Herridge Lodge & Resort. It’s right off Highway 11 so there isn’t much gravel to travel to get to your accommodations.

Pinestone Resorts and Conference Centre


Walking the grounds of the Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre

The Pinestone Resort has the distinction of offering guided ATV tours and rentals through Backcountry Tours. Some people tend to think that ATVing is just for adrenaline junkies, but tours can be customized to focus on getting out into nature, especially to places you’d otherwise never assume you could reach. Pinestone is also on the Ride The Highlands motorcycle touring routes.

Bayview Wildwood Resort

Red lined up in a row.

Off-road vehicles are a familiar sight at Bayview Wildwood Resort

An easy trip up from Toronto, Bayview Wildwood makes a perfect two-night getaway for city folk who also want to get out into nature. Paved driveways right to the front door mean that motorcycle riders can get there easily, and their collaboration with Redline Outdoors for ATV tours means that if you want to get deep into nature, all you have to do is make a phone call. And Bayview has some pretty amazing places to get cozy when night falls.

Sunset at Sparrow Lake

Sunset on Sparrow Lake as seen from Bayview Wildwood Resort

Couples Resort

On part of the Ride The Edge Big Loop motorcycle tour, Couples Resort is nestled on the eastern side of Highway 60 just outside of Ontario’s beloved Algonquin Park. A great place to stop for a few days while doing a motorcycle trip, get out and stretch your legs on the famous Algonquin park trails or make use of the complimentary bicycle rentals and their four local trails.

Couples Resort

The hiking trails around Couples Resort are spectacular in the fall season

Bonnie View Inn

Bonnie View-wood bed

The ideal place for two riders to lay their heads after a day of touring

Just outside of Haliburton, the Bonnie View Inn has one of the best patios in Ontario, they’re on more than one of the Ride the Highlands routes, and they offer a connection to ATV rentals through Backcountry Tours. The terrain is varied here, so it’s pretty easy to get two days of forest time in, or do a hummer tour one day, and an ATV tour the next.

Regardless of what you choose, these resorts all give you good reason to spend two nights there—and in all cases, you’ll find yourself wanting to stay longer. Well don’t worry! There’s always next summer!