Meeting Specifications

 Let us help you pull off a great event, an event out of the ordinary. Choose one of our resorts and you’ll be paired up with an in-house event planner, who will work with you throughout, resulting in a personal and professional outcome.

Resort name & Link

Year Round

Hrs From Toronto

Executive Retreats

Class Rooms (Sq Ft)

U-Shaped Capacity

Half Rounds Capacity

Theatre Capacity

Bayview Wildwood Resort 1.5
Beachwood Resort 2      
Briars Resort & Spa 1
Fern Resort 1.5
Footprints Resort   2.5
Hockley Valley Resort 1
Living Water Resorts 1.5
Millcroft Inn & Spa 1
Port Cunnington Lodge   2.5
Severn Lodge   1.5
The Waring House 2
Westwind Inn on the Lake 2