Ontario's Hidden Gems Exposed - Sherwood Inn

Ontario's Hidden Gems Exposed - Sherwood Inn

This week we explore an extremely popular location where that sees over 2.1 million people annually to the region and was the number one most searched Canadian destination for vacation rentals in 2017.  It a true authentic Canadian experience all around.  Stunning landscapes that will leave you breathless with it’s true beauty.  A certain group of Canadian artists wanted to share it with the world some time ago and really captured it in their work.  This beauty has attracted some celebrities from all over the world.  They love it so much here, some have even taken up residence for vacationing often.    If you’re still not sure where we are talking about,  there was a chair made by Thomas Lee in 1903, he created a chair that featured wide armrests with a sloping seat and back, so his family could enjoy sitting in a more reclined position to relax and enjoy the landscapes.  Lee and his family brought these chairs when vacationing in the region, ultimately getting it’s name….the Muskoka chair!  That’s right, this week we are exposing hidden gems in the Muskoka region.  

This region is perfect for any kind social distancing….as it comes naturally!  Even when it’s full, it doesn’t feel like it!  Having strategically placed Muskoka chairs throughout the property, along the shores of Lake Joseph, it’s perfect for guests finding their own space to in this stunning Muskoka environment.   Morning, afternoon, sunset or sunrise, you will be blown away anytime of the day soaking it it’s true beauty….makes for a great social media post to brag about where you vacationing.

Aerial view of Sherwood Inn in Muskoka

Welcome to Sherwood Inn on Lake Joseph, Muskoka’s preeminent traditional lakeside inn, offering breathtaking surroundings, tasteful accommodations, fine dining, exceptional facilities, upscale amenities and unparalleled service in the heart of Muskoka, Ontario. Sherwood Inn provides the perfect getaway, blending the charm of old Muskoka with the comfort and indulgence of modern day amenities. 

Image of Sherwood Inn overlooking the pool and lake

Sherwood Inn offers several types of accommodations to suit your desires. The main building known as The Inn was built in 1939, and still boasts the look of a Colonial Style upscale building, with stunning views of the gardens and Lake Joseph. Stunning Cottages along the sandy shores of Lake Joseph making it perfect for a romantic getaway.  Better yet, stay in the stunning Boathouse that sits above the Sherwood Inn boathouse with a breathtaking view of the eastern horizon, directly over Lake Joseph. There’s something for everyone!

Image of boat house at Sherwood Inn

Paddle out and explore the fresh and crystal clear water Lake Joseph.  Paddle boards, canoes and kayaks are available at the beach!  Bring your own life jacket, or purchase one onsite.  The fresh Lake offers outstanding fishing as well. Clean, healthy, and exceptionally clear, Lake Joseph’s shoals, reefs, steep drops offs, and bays with good weed beds are home to many fish species, including pike, walleye, white fish, largemouth bass, herring, and especially lake trout and smallmouth bass. 

Image of a dog in a Canoe 

Explore their 11km trail on a fat bike or take a leisurely hike on the trail.  Don’t forget to bring your clubs for a round on 9 holes at Club Links – Lake Joseph Club. Architect Thomas McBroom utilized the granite crags, towering trees and heaving topography of the incomparable Muskoka regions.  Five tee decks stretch from 6,995 yards down to 5,081.  Be sure to bring your camera when you play.  Another instagramable spot! 

Image of Lake Joseph Golf Course

After a day adventure out on the water, the trails, the beach of the best 9 holes you’ve played, Beginnings Spa has just what to you need to relax those sore, tired muscles, taking relaxation and pampering to a whole new level!  Top it off with a lunch and/or dinner in the garden and Verandah deck overlooking sparkling Lake Joseph.

Image of a meal in the Boat House

Naturally with any kind of pandemic, it’s put a damper on couples who we’re hoping to tie the knot this year.  Growing in popularity the 2020 season is elopements!  Sherwood Inn will be hosting their fourth Pop Up Wedding day on August 20, 2020.  They will host 4-5 weddings in one day.  If that date doesn’t work for the couple, they can customize a day just for them! If you want a simple way to celebrate, consider a Muskoka-style elopement! With the stage three announcement recently, they are looking forward to hosting larger weddings!  

Image of a wedding at Sherwood Inn

Other hidden gems exposed in the Muskoka region

On Otter Lake at the edge of Muskoka in Parry Sound, Sunny Point Resort Cottages & Inn offers waterfront deluxe, super deluxe and premium accommodation in nine pet-friendly cottages on 84 acres property. To ensure privacy and tranquility, well-maintained three- and four-bedroom cottages feature full modern kitchens, a screened-in porch with patio furniture, a BBQ and a private dock.

Billie Bear Lodge Housekeeping Cottage Resort features 24 accommodation choices, ranging from a one-room studio for one or two people to a five-bedroom lodge with a capacity for 12. Steps from your cottage, there’s swimming, boating, fishing, volleyball, tennis, daily family programs as well as 5.5 kilometres of nature trails.

Cedar Grove Lodge on beautiful Peninsula Lake in Muskoka features 19 unique log cabins with wood-burning stone fireplaces, stretched along 1600 feet of natural shoreline and three meals daily!  Plus, get up close and personal with the abundance of wildlife around the property. 

Nature-loving guests have been returning year after year to this little slice of paradise owned by Lorey and Scott West. Situated on the north shore of Jack Lake, between Huntsville and North Bay, Lakeside Cottage Resort is comprised of eight two- to four-bedroom cottages.

There are so many gems in the Muskoka region, we couldn’t get to all of them this week.  Stay tuned for next week’s continuation!