b'Fling Open the Shutters! BY DONNA S. VIEIRAIn Ontario, Spring arrivesHeralds of spring welcome us back towhispering: Been away too long, familiar places. Wildflowers such asA creek gurgles, Lots has changed, with a whisper and a wink.bloodroot, yellow trout lilies, blue co- as we cherish the long-yearned-for No one can pinpoint thehosh, blue-eyed grass, dandelions andcompany of loved ones by our side. saxifrage dot the Ontario landscape. exact time of her debut, butFruit orchards are shrouded in pink,We dare to imagine a dream getaway at instinctively, we know themauve and white mists. In gardens,our favourite Resorts of Ontario hidea-season is upon us.multicoloured tulips, daffodils, crocus,way. Momentarily, our inner critic re-bluebells, hyacinth and lilies of the val- sists, Im too busy to dawdle by a lake ley poke through the earths crust.or in nature. But the heart pleads, Ive Spring teases us with clues. Perhaps, itsWeeping willows and big leaf maplebeen away too long. After all, isnt this a gurgling brook created by meltingpush out their best verdant greenery,a time to get creative, launch into some-snow, the sighting of our first robin, theassuring us theyre glad to see us again,thing new, move out of stalemate? sweetness of fresh syrup upon our tongue, the warming rays of the sun upon our cheeks, or a fresh scent that hangs a little longer than usual in the air. Our senses awaken, and Mother Na-ture commands our attention as Spring gently nudges us from winters deep slumber with a loving quip: Wake up, lazy bones! And so, her flirtatious courtship with us begins.HINTS OF SPRINGIntuitively, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning, yard work, planting seeds, gardening as well as recreational out-door activities.'