b'Top Reasons3.Reconnect with Nature! Without a doubt, Ontario hassome of the best hiking opportunities.to Go ResortingWhile staying at Killarney Lodge located in the heart of Ontarios famous Algonquin Park, hike one of the Parks 15 different trails offering spectacular views, wildlife and We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Reasons to Go Re- more. Beachwood Resorts 330 acres of adjoining for-sorting in the spring. Resort Country offers an abun- ests includes 5 km of marked wooded trails guide you dance of unique, relaxing and exhilarating experiences.through mature forests and lush meadows. Blue Water Resorts in Ontario make it easy! Acres has the perfect spot and trails to catch a sight of 1.SpaRelax, Rejuvenate, Repeat! the majestic Canadian icon - the Moose.Whether youre heading out of town with a bridal party, on a mother-daughter trip, as a couple, with friends, or even on your ownthere are plenty of resorts in Ontario just right to soothe your mind and body.Millcroft Inn & Spas state-of-the-art spa resort takes a holistic approach to spa services with outdoor hot spring pools. Hockley Valleys 8000 sq.ft. spa is sheer bliss offering signature treatments, seasonal features and local vendors. Elmhirsts Resort full service spa uses a complete line of Eco friendly skincare products and make-up lines that are vegan certified, botanical4.FishingAnglers Paradisebased and PH correct. With over 400,000 lakes, Plenty resorts are available Check out more spa packages here. year-round offering complete comfort for paddlers, an-glers, adventurers and families.With so many lakes and hidden spots, there are so many different kinds of fish out there to fish for. We have pro-vided a list of resorts offering Bass, Perch, Whitefish, Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike and more.Fern ResortLumina Resort Westwind Inn Beachwood Resort Bayview Wildwood Blue Water Acres Pine Vista Resort Elmhirsts Resort For more information on fishing at these great resorts and many others, please visit here.5.Paddling - Hear the Call of the Loon!2.Tee-rific Stay and Play Experiences! Ontario is known for its vast rivers, lakes and waterways. Ontario Resorts have some of the best golf experiences. Theres much to discover and explore on a paddle board Rocky Crest Golf Resort and its rolling fairways willin a canoe or maybe kayak. Spring is one of the most captivate you as the granite outcroppings challengepeaceful times to go out, paddle, explore and hear the your skills. The Unrivaled natural beauty of Hockleycall of the wildlife! Oh and did we mention the moose?Valley Resort showcasing emerald-bent grass fairwaysKillarney Lodge is your gateway to travel some of Al-were skillfully incorporated into the natural landscape.gonquins beautiful waters and shores. With guided The Briars Resort and Spa winds through cedar hedg- canoe trips. Blue Water Acres provides an opportunity ing, century old evergreens, and graceful birch stands. Ifto explore the deep and crystal clear water on the Lake 18-hole golf is not for you, consider one of the manyof Bays. Algonquin Log Cabin and Cottage Outpostsmini golf experiences that resorts offer. Believe it or not,all-inclusive Algonquin Park canoe trips range from 2 to Georgian Bay Hotel has a real, natural grass mini putt14 days, feature award-winning guides, backcountry course! How cool is that? gourmet meals.'