b'50Shades of GreenBY DONNA S. VIEIRALike Spring, green seduces usForest Therapy Engages the Senses Whats Your Deepest Desire?with promises of hope, newScience has proven that time in natureFinding refuge in natures bosom is makes us happier, more creative andnothing new at Resorts of Ontario. For beginnings, love, fertility,less stressed. Over the past year, weyears, the Algonquin Log Cabin has growth and youthful optimism.learned to appreciate the quiet beautypromoted the idea of green immersion of nature. We thrive on it. on its adventurous voyageur outfitting In Feng Shui, green representsquests.wood, health and family. Is itAs a result, a new trend known as forest bathing has caught on at Resorts of On-any wonder Ontario Resortstario. This simple therapy involves the are steeped in greenery?conscious, contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds Close your eyes. Imagine a meadow.and smells of the forest as you focus, What colour dominates the scene?even meditate, on the details of your With shades of green ranging fromjourney. Distance or speed are not the tropical lime and intense forest greengoal here. The pace is slow and deliber-to the jewelled tones of aquamarine andate. It can be a solo experience orSo too has the Killarney Lodge, where emerald, there are plenty of options. shared with a group accompanied by aguests repeatedly express appreciation guide. for their time at this Algonquin Park Think a little longer and soon your senses kick in. Thoughts turn to warm, carefree, spring days when, as a child, you laid in the tender grass watching fluffy clouds float by. You still remem-ber the coolness against your young skin. You may even recall the smell and taste of the sweet clover that grew among the blades. Perhaps plans for a romantic picnic for two begin to take shape. Your mouth waters at the thought of nibbling on fresh green pro-duce laid out on a brightly coloured cloth, your lover by your side. Your heart skips a beat; green is the colour of love. You feel at peace, a sense of well-being.'